11. What does the typical menu look like at a Churro Stix?
a. Churro Stix has a well-rounded and more-than-appetizing menu. The menus include churros in many forms such as filled, in a cone with dipping sauces, drizzled in chocolate, mixed with fruits, and even as an ice cream sandwich. Churro Stix also offers lattes, sodas, frozen lemonade, and other great drink choices.
22. What is the ideal candidate for a franchisee?
a. Someone who is service oriented, brand focused, and has experience with management. A background in food service would be beneficial to any franchisee. The ideal candidate will also have a drive for success
33. What are the next steps if I want to find out more?
a. Fill out the form below and you can be one step closer to owning your own Churro Stix and creating fresh delicacies that result in satisfaction of your customers’ needs!